The Lost Christmas Eve

  1. Faith NoelLyrics

    Faith Noel

    Another year has come and passed
    Like moments through an hourglass
    And at the end of this year’s trail
    An offering, a final tale

    Of love, long lost
    And then refound
    And the child by which
    Those dreams were bound

    Of a dusty hotel
    That was long past old
    And the shadows and the memories
    Its hallways still hold

    For things that are old
    Have the best tales to tell
    And usually,
    They tell them well

    And so it’s here, my dear children
    That our story truly starts
    When the Lord sent once more to Earth
    An angel, with a childlike heart

    And on this night his mission was
    To find somewhere on this earth
    That human that best reflected His Son
    And carried on His work

    And since this mission from his Lord
    Had to be completed on this one night
    The angel quickly unfolded his wings
    And towards the Earth took flight

    And this night, in case you have not guessed
    Was once more Christmas Eve
    When snow and light and angels’ flights
    All together weave

    But of the angel’s instructions
    There was one thing more
    That would make this journey to the Earth
    Harder than all the ones before

    For the Lord had also told the angel
    That he could only use his wings twice this Christmas Eve
    Once when he descended to the Earth
    And once more when he would leave
    (Not unlike ourselves some think,
    Or at least so I believe)

    Now this put quite a complication
    In what the angel planned
    For now he had to choose most carefully
    Exactly where he would land

    He needed to find a single place
    That would represent all mankind
    But humans were such a varied lot
    Such a place would surely be hard to find

    A single place where there would be
    Humans of every race and creed
    The rich and poor, the thrilled and bored
    The failures with those who succeed

    But after a few moments
    Carefully placed in thought
    The answer appeared in the angel’s mind
    The city called New York

    And as he neared that city
    Where all those souls did dwell
    He felt himself being drawn towards
    An old, rundown hotel

    For in a city that usually had
    Guards at nearly every single door
    This one just had a sign that said “Vacancies,
    There is always room for one more”

    Now why the angel decided to stop there
    He could not quite say the reason
    But he thought the sign upon that hotel
    Somehow fit the sentiment of this season

    Now even after all these years
    The building was still a work of art
    And though some façade had crumbled here and there
    Most still had their parts

    The walls were made of granite
    Not aluminum or steel
    And every pillar and balustrade
    Still had its artist’s feel

    Every gutter had a gargoyle
    Every gargoyle had its wings
    For angels can appreciate
    Other flying things

    So he landed on a cathedral roof
    Across the street from that hotel
    And looked down upon the world below
    Where all those souls did dwell

    And sitting on that rooftop
    With his friend the winter wind
    He gazed carefully at that scene below
    As he slowly took it in
  2. The Lost Christmas EveLyrics

    The Lost Christmas Eve

    On a street in the night
    In the cold winter’s light
    A child stands alone and she’s waiting

    And the light that’s out there
    It just hangs in the air
    As if it was just hesitating

    And the snow it comes down
    And it muffles the sound
    Of dreams on their way to tomorrow

    And when they appear
    This night will hold them near
    For where they will lead
    She will follow

    For here in this city of lights
    This evening awakens
    The dreams that it might
    The winter it conjures
    The spells it will weave
    The snow gently covers the ground
    Christmas Eve

    In this scene
    On this night
    There’s an ancient hotel
    Where shadows they do tend to wander

    And the ghosts that live here
    Hold each moment so dear
    For time’s not a thing one should squander

    And they recount their sand
    As it runs through their hand
    And examine each moment for meaning

    It can be wished upon
    Till the moment it’s gone
    Like day disappears into evening

    For here in this city of lights
    This evening awakens
    The dreams that it might
    The winter it conjures
    The moment is seized
    The snow gently covers the ground
    Christmas Eve

    Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas
    Merry Christmas


    Through this night
    The dream still wanders
    As it was meant to be
    And every year this night grows fonder

    Of children and circumstance
    Caught in this childhood dance
    As the world turns around
    Keeping dreams on the ground

    Windows of frosted ice
    Prisming candlelight
    And somehow we
    Start to believe

    In the night and the dream
    As it cuts through the noise
    With the whisper of snow
    As it starts to deploy

    In the depths of a night
    That’s about to begin
    With the feeling of snow
    As it melts on your skin

    And it covers the land
    With a dream so intense
    That it returns us all
    To a child’s innocence

    And then what you’d thought lost
    And could never retrieve
    Is suddenly there to be found
    On Christmas Eve
    On Christmas Eve
    On Christmas…
  3. Christmas DreamsLyrics

    Christmas Dreams

    And so it was in front of this hotel
    Our angel did finally arrive
    And standing at one corner was a young man
    Who caught the angel’s eye

    He had a small group of children
    Gathered round him there
    Who all were quietly listening
    Which for children is quite rare

    He was telling them Christmas tales
    And each one brought more children near
    Where they nestled round him on those steps
    So each word they could clearly hear

    He then told them a Christmas story
    About how all men are brothers
    And when that story had ended
    The children clamored for another

    “Where does Christmas go
    When its day is through?
    Where does Christmas go,” they asked,
    “And what does Christmas do?”

    Now children have such simple requests
    Their wishes are so small
    That the young man saw no reason why
    He could not grant them all

    Christmas Dreams

    Somewhere beyond where the light rarely goes
    Somewhere beyond where the dark barely breathes
    Somewhere this night where the dark only knows

    She awaits ever patient
    She awaits rarely seen
    But her moments are taken
    For in the dead of the night
    Gathering light
    Christmas dreams

    I want to wrap all my moments around her
    I want to watch as she glitters the night
    Floats her dreams in the air
    People watch, children stare
    At these tears of captured light

    While she awaits ever patient
    She awaits rarely seen
    Still her moments are taken
    For in the dead of the night
    Gathering light
    Christmas dreams

    And a tear falls upon her snow-white hair
    And it runs to the end where it lingers there
    Then it falls through the air of a winter’s sky
    Till it captures a dream and it’s crystalized

    Let it go!
    Let it go!
    This old world that I know

    For soon everything will be changing
    In a single glance
    Where it all enchants
    And every hope is worth saving

    And a tear falls upon her snow-white hair
    And it runs to the end where it lingers there
    Then it falls through the air of a winter’s sky
    Till it captures a dream and it’s crystalized

    Let it go!
    Let it go!
    This old world that I know

    For soon everything will be changing
    In a single glance
    Where it all enchants
    And every hope
    Every hope
    Every hope is worth saving
  4. Wizards In WinterLyrics

    Wizards In Winter

    They liked his stories so much
    They begged him not to let it end
    So he told them about the Wizards of Winter
    Whose winter ball they must attend

    How these wizards decorated their whole world
    With icicles, frost and snow
    And how with the dreams of this night beneath it
    It all would magically start to glow

    And the snow seemed to obey the young man’s every gesture
    In the cold December’s air
    And as for the Wizards’ Imperial Ball
    Well, they were already there

  5. RememberLyrics


    Now every moment the angel spent listening
    His time on Earth diminished
    But the angel found himself waiting there
    Until each story was finished

    He had only several hours left
    For the quest he had been assigned
    But angels like small children
    Have trouble keeping track of time

    But in the end it seemed this delay
    Had turned out for the best
    For now there were grownups all around
    Listening with the rest

    For as they listened to his stories
    Each one till the very end
    Those adults remembered their own childhoods
    And a time when faith was not pretend


    Remember long ago

    On a night with a gentle falling snow

    Falling snow
    Falling snow

    Can I offer you
    What Christmas dares
    To know?
  6. Anno DomineLyrics

    Anno Domine

    Christmas is how
    In every nation
    That hope is passed
    Through generations

    From old to young
    And sometimes I’m told
    It’s actually passed
    From young to old

    Yes, our angel had been quite impressed
    With this youth that he had found
    But then across the street he heard
    An old familiar sound

    It was a multitude of voices
    From the old cathedral’s choir
    Singing out about this night
    And the hopes that it inspires

    Anno Domine

    On this night of hope and salvation
    One child lies embraced in a dream
    Where each man regardless of station
    On this night can now be redeemed

    Where every man regardless of his nation
    Ancestral relations
    On this night the past can fly away

    And that dream we’ve dreamed most
    That every child is held close
    On this night that dream won’t be betrayed

    All as one
    Raise your voices!
    Raise your voices!
    All as one
    On this Christmas Day!

    All rejoice
    Raise your voices!
    Raise your voices!
    All rejoice
    Anno Domine!

    On this night when no child’s forgotten
    No dream sleeps where he cannot see
    No man here is misbegotten
    And this night’s dreams are still yet to be

    Where every man regardless of his nation
    Ancestral relations
    On this night the past can fly away

    And that dream we’ve dreamed most
    That every child is held close
    On this night that dream won’t be betrayed

    All as one
    Raise your voices!
    Raise your voices!
    All as one
    On this Christmas Day!

    All rejoice
    Raise your voices!
    Raise your voices!
    All rejoice
    Anno Domine!
  7. Christmas ConcertoLyrics

    Christmas Concerto

    After the song was over
    Nearly every person there
    Went to the cathedral’s basement
    And started setting up tables and chairs

    For that night this church would feed
    Any person in life who had less
    And both those that gave and those that received
    Left that night feeling blessed

    Then the angel remembered something
    That his Lord’s Son had once said
    On how one truly followed Him
    When words and acts were wed

    Some people claim to follow Him
    But themselves they just deceive
    For his Lord’s Son had said,
    “You will know who truly follows Me
    Not by what they say, but by their deeds”

    And this church was clearly filled
    With kind people of goodwill
    But the angel had more time left on this night
    And continued to search on still

    So the angel left the parishioners
    With their Christmas meal in happy bliss
    And returned once more to the hotel
    To make sure that there was no one there he had missed

    And passing by a village square
    He heard a brass quartet
    Whose Christmas concerto in the key of G
    He felt lighten his every step
  8. Queen Of The Winter NightLyrics

    Queen Of The Winter Night

    And so back at the hotel
    Our angel again arrived
    But this time he went up the front steps
    Which, of course, led him inside
    (It’s one of those things that architects
    conveniently decide)

    Now hotels are quite like people
    No two exactly the same
    And this one had such a magical past
    The angel found himself quite entertained

    The foyer still had an elegance
    That the years could not disguise
    And the shadows of Christmas Eves long disappeared
    This night, still gently glided by

    For in this hotel, here side by side
    The past and the present dwelled
    And the ghosts who lived here not only lived
    They honestly lived well

    The lobby had a Steinway piano
    That was steeped in memories
    And some said Duke Ellington’s fingers
    Still lingered on those keys

    There was a grand palace ballroom
    Where princesses had once waltzed
    Whose beauty and sense of style
    The newspapers would constantly exalt

    The ghosts of Rockefellers and Vanderbilts
    Still met at their Christmas Eve charity balls
    Raising money not for themselves
    But raising it for all
    (And the sound of their children laughing
    still echoed in these halls)

    Now these spirits of course, could not be seen
    By any human eyes
    But each one smiled at the angel
    When they saw him walking by

    And these ghosts reminded the angel
    How every human waiting to be born
    And every life that had already left
    When it was tired out and worn

    Were connected by those alive right now
    Which gave the living quite a trust,
    To pass on what was best and good
    Inside of each of us

    Now within each guest room he heard many hearts
    And behind each heart there was a life
    And the angel carefully read them all
    With the next hour of that night

    When he reached the grand palace ballroom
    It was behind closed mahogany doors
    And when the angel was passing by it
    He could hear music begin once more

    It seemed that since this room was built
    Musicians did permanently reside
    And then the angel did what we all would do
    He went to look inside

    And there he found such a majestic orchestra
    To please all, it would be enough
    But then someone plugged a guitar in
    And the volume, it crept up

    So with a song inspired by Mozart’s
    Famous “Queen of the Night”
    The orchestra added the word, “Winter”
    And some notes, some fog, some lights
  9. Christmas Nights In BlueLyrics

    Christmas Nights In Blue

    He could have stayed there the entire night
    For to him music was the voice of God
    For it never needed translation
    And could lift up lives that were often quite hard

    But then he heard a different kind of music
    From somewhere else close by
    And he followed the trail of those new notes
    Till he found himself outside

    The notes led him to a blues bar
    That was right next to the hotel
    And the angel watched some lonely people enter it
    And wondered if this
    Was where all the lonely people did dwell

    Then another guardian angel
    Who happened to be near
    Told him about the old blues bar
    And whispered in his ear

    “Here the tragically beautiful
    And the beautifully tragic
    Drift through this night
    In a last quest for magic

    Their faces are masks
    That so artfully disguise
    The wounds in their hearts
    The scars in their eyes

    Now these scars in their eyes
    Never hurt, never bleed
    But like cracks in a mirror
    They distort all they see

    For when the heart’s an open wound
    Its greatest threat, I fear
    Is that the salt rubbed into it
    Does come from one’s own tears

    Now there are many places on this earth
    That one thinks that God has forgot
    But one can often find an angel or a saint
    Where one assumes angels and saints are not”

    And then the other angel reminded him
    Of their Lord’s point of view
    “You’ll know them not by how they appear
    You’ll know them by what they do”

    So when the next patron went inside
    The angel followed him undetected
    But what he found within that bar
    Was not quite what he expected

    There was an old piano player there
    Playing with a honky-tonk sound
    And everyone who entered that place depressed
    That piano player turned their night around

    And one by one he’d draw each person
    Out of their self-imposed cage
    And before they realized it
    He had them singing on the stage

    Christmas Nights In Blue

    Just another night in New York City
    Snow comes down looks real pretty
    Don’t know how but suddenly there you are
    With Jelly Roll Morton playin’ for the bar

    Inside here, lights are low
    But each song has its own glow
    As he floats them through that smokey air
    You just can’t believe he’s really there

    How old is he?
    Cannot say
    But claims he taught Cab Calloway
    And on this night I somehow believe him
    Knows every song that Christmas got
    Even ones my brain has dropped
    Just him and that old fir tree
    All lit up this night
    Electric blue

    Just another night in New York City
    Snow comes down looks real pretty
    Can’t believe but suddenly there you are
    Talking with strangers sittin’ cross the bar
    Suddenly, all are laughin’
    This night’s smart, always craftin’
    Building bridges nearly everywhere
    Hits a wall, it just builds a stairs

    Outside the colored lights they bleed
    For snow is white and colors need
    As it just comes down like pure salvation
    It offers all its amnesty
    And makes your neighbor different see
    By the light of that fir tree
    And this old bar
    Electrified in blue

    I gotta drop dead simple
    Childhood view of salvation
    Perhaps that’s how it was always meant to be
    And the more I add up all this information
    It seems it all comes down in the end to you and me

    So you look around till you find a phone
    Then you call your mom and everyone at home
    And the bar looks on and they start to cheer
    When you talk to folks you haven’t seen in years

    And the snow comes down
    And the children play
    And they pray to God
    It never goes away
    And a childhood prayer
    Should never be denied
    As the night rolls on
    Till it’s carolized


    And on this tree
    The lights are done
    But the colors here are down one
    I guess it kind of fits the situation
    Ornaments still shining bright
    Watch them glitter in the light
    Just this old fir tree and me
    All lit up this night
    Electric blue
  10. Christmas JazzLyrics

    Christmas Jazz

    Then a guitarist and a bass player
    Read some notes off a music page
    And added a little bit of jazz
    A sound that never seems to age

  11. Christmas JamLyrics

    Christmas Jam

    Now that old piano player knew
    There were other musicians in that crowd
    And one by one he brought them up
    And the music, it got loud

  12. Siberian Sleigh RideLyrics

    Siberian Sleigh Ride

    The band played on and on
    With no one looking at their watch
    And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better
    They would turn it up a notch

  13. What Is Christmas?Lyrics

    What Is Christmas?

    By this time a harder rocking stage
    Would be impossible to find
    And though no one was now drinking
    The owner did not seem to mind

    And the angel marveled how one man
    Could turn around a life
    And then that life turn around another’s
    And how it rippled through this night

    But there was someone in that room
    Whose heart had not been changed
    A heart that had grown so hard
    You’d have thought it could never be arranged

    It was the businessman from downtown
    Who had stopped there to rest his feet
    And he clung to his drink
    (Where he watched his thoughts sink)
    While any strangers, he refused to greet

    You could see upon his face
    How happiness had been so long deferred
    It was practically as if unhappiness
    Had somehow become preferred

    Now the angel had not seen the businessman
    Though they had in that room been near
    Nor did the angel see him as he left the bar
    When he could no longer stand this Christmas cheer

    And as the businessman exited the door
    He heard someone complaining on the TV
    It was the “Grinch” ranting against Christmas
    And the man found that he agreed

    What Is Christmas?

    What is Christmas?
    Tinseled fairytales
    Day old stockings lined up in a row

    What is Christmas
    Could someone tell me that?
    What is Christmas?
    Surely, I don't know

    And everywhere these lights
    Who needs to color night?
    Could this whole thing be planned?
    I do not understand

    This Christmas
    Trees with colored lights
    Underneath they still are only trees
    Do you think that one day perhaps they might
    Find that Christmas
    Is kind of a disease?

    Every year it's waiting for me
    Waiting for me
    Every year it constantly defies
    Placing strangers
    There before me
    There before me
    Spreading hope and cheer
    Mixed in with happiness
    Fraternal bliss and other Christmas lies!

    And there's one more thing that I have discovered
    And I would now like you to know
    The reason for Christmas I now realize
    Is an excuse to tolerate snow
    I don't even like the sound of it
    Anyway, where was I
    Oh, yes!

    What is Christmas?
    Candles everywhere
    A fire hazard any other day
    Children light them
    No one seems to care
    All for Christmas

    Every year it returns here
    And every year it’s waiting for me
    Why can't Christmas disappear
    And just pretend it never saw me
    Every year I get my hopes up
    That it will somehow just leave
    But every year I wake to find
    That once again it now is Christmas Eve
  14. For The Sake Of Our BrotherLyrics

    For The Sake Of Our Brother

    And though his time was growing strained
    He could not walk away from this soul in pain
    For in the dark he had now seen
    The bleeding of this wound extreme

    So along the snow covered sidewalk
    The angel did carefully step
    Following the trail of blood drops
    Combined with tears that had never been wept

    And then he saw the businessman
    Who had been grumbling about this night
    And he wondered how that man had carried this wound
    So long throughout his life

    He watched the man walk past the church
    Where a song seemed to reach out for him
    But the man just walked right past it
    And would not let it in

    For The Sake Of Our Brother

    In a stable
    In a manger
    In the cold winter’s air
    In the arms of his mother
    A child’s lying there

    In a city
    In a village
    Though the years have gone by

    The child still remains
    With the dream still close by
    And each year on this night that child reawakens
    And each year on this night that hope rebegins
    That the dream He has offered might one day be taken

    For the sake of our brother
    For the child who’s forgotten
    For the dream that is still lying there

    O’ come all ye faithful
    Joyful and triumphant
    O’ come ye, O’ come ye
    To Bethlehem
    Come and adore Him
    Born the King of angels

    O’ come let us adore Him
    O’ come let us adore Him
    O’ come let us adore Him
    Christ the Lord
  15. The Wisdom Of SnowLyrics

    The Wisdom Of Snow

    Now why this man’s soul was bleeding
    The angel had to understand
    So invisible, he stood by him
    And then gently touched his hand

    Which caused the man to stand there still
    Despite the winter’s cold
    And while he stood there in that trance
    The angel read his soul

    It seemed the man was not always like
    The man he had become
    And that angel wondered how that change had happened
    And when it had begun

    The man had been born to a kind and religious family
    And raised in the Midwest
    And all throughout his childhood
    This man, clearly, had been blessed

    He grew up believing, among other things
    Man was made in the image of God
    He went to school, observed all rules
    While working very hard

    He had always tried to help others
    Excelled at nearly every task
    And when he’d graduated high school
    Of course, he was the first one in his class

    And in his eighteenth summer
    When it was time for him to leave
    He had offers from several colleges
    All of them Ivy League

    And at college in all his studies
    He always received straight “A”s
    And when he tried his hand in theater
    He got the lead in the senior play

    It appeared to nearly everyone
    There was no talent that he lacked
    And for three years on the football team
    He was the star quarterback

    And there he also met the girl
    Who did become his wife
    With her, his world was now complete
    He had the perfect life

    When they had graduated college
    They were wed in a ceremony quite grand
    Then they moved to New York
    In a dream they seemed caught
    Where all had been perfectly planned

    She decorated their Park Avenue apartment
    In a 1920’s art-deco style
    And six months after they had moved in
    She told him, they would soon be having a child

    And after their first ultrasound
    He knew they were having a son
    Their lives could not have been better
    And they had only just begun

    Together they arrived early at the hospital
    On the delivery date
    The father was taking no chances
    And did not want to risk being late

    But while waiting outside the delivery room
    He could tell that something was going wrong
    For too many doctors were rushing in
    With none coming out for too long

    When her own doctor finally came out
    With several nurses at his side
    He said that his wife had started hemorrhaging
    And despite their best efforts, she died

    Then in an effort to console him
    A nurse gave him his newborn to hold
    But from the way the child felt limp in his arms
    He knew there was still more bad news to be told

    The doctor then gave the prognosis
    As gently as anyone could
    But before he could finish explaining
    The father only too well understood

    The child had been cut off from oxygen
    For minutes, which is far too long
    The damage was now irreversible
    His brain permanently malformed

    He’d never hold a job,
    Learn to read or ever talk
    And it would be a miracle
    If the child even learned how to walk

    And with those words the father felt
    His entire world falling apart
    And he stumbled for the words to express
    The tearing inside of his heart

    He cried out, why did God have to take her
    While she was still so young
    And then as if to cut him deeper
    Leave this thing here as his son

    “Please explain to me God’s wisdom
    How could He decide
    To take from me my precious wife
    While leaving this alive

    There is no reason for this life
    Why does he even exist
    And if he had never been born
    There is no way he’d have ever been missed

    If man is made in God’s image
    Then something here is surely amiss
    For there is nothing of God
    Nothing of God
    Nothing of God
    Nothing of God
    Nothing of God in this”

    And then he asked for the child
    To be placed in a state run home
    And after he had signed the papers
    He walked into that night alone

    And in this world he found unkind
    He built a wall around his mind
    And every year he’d add new parts
    Until it had also enclosed his heart

    He kept his job and paid his debts
    As he slowly became a silhouette
    Of a man walking among the tombs
    While living his life within his wounds

    He distanced himself from all his friends
    Even his sisters and brothers
    And as time it went by, he developed his eyes
    So they could only see the flaws in others

    With this final glimpse, the angel stepped away
    And the man shook himself out of his trance
    Then continued his walk back towards his home
    And few would have given his soul half of a chance

    And the angel himself felt helpless
    As he watched that old man there
    So he did what even humans do
    And he quickly said a prayer

    And as the prayer flew to his Lord
    The angel did decide
    To carefully follow the old man
    And stay closely by his side

    For on this night can one deny
    The gift of a more sympathetic eye
    To cast upon our fellow man
    And on this night to understand

    The frailty of childhood dreams
    Like fireflies over summer streams
    And if one dared to remove time’s veil
    Could one retrace those childhood trails?

    But whispers in the winter’s wind
    Told of rescued dreams, forgiven sins
    And who among us shall be deemed
    To rescue some forgotten dream?

    So on this night of Christmas Eve
    As once again the spirits weave
    Its snowswept dreams and colored lights
    With bits of magic into each life

    And as the snow comes gently down
    Its soul intent to reach the ground
    To cover scars the world still feels
    Perhaps to give them time to heal

    For as men invest in money
    And professors in what they know
    God invests in mercy
    Like winter invests in snow
  16. Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)Lyrics

    Wish Liszt (Toy Shop Madness)

    Now the old man was nearing a toy shop
    Where he could hear a music box kind of sound
    From a miniature carousel with its miniature horses
    All circling faithfully around

    And a little girl wearing a Russian styled coat
    Was carefully looking inside
    At the horses and knights and the trains with their lights
    While she was imagining they all were alive

    For at this time a child will dare
    To see what is perhaps not there
    Or at least not there to adult eyes
    Who have forgotten how to fantasize

  17. Back To A Reason (Part II)Lyrics

    Back To A Reason (Part II)

    Now that young girl, outside the store
    Was trying to capture snow’s magic
    But each flake melted at her touch
    Which her young mind found quite tragic

    And while chasing an elusive snowflake
    That was determined to reach the ground
    She bumped into the businessman passing by
    And nearly knocked him down

    And thinking she was in trouble
    The child quickly apologized
    But the man was not accepting it
    She could see it in his eyes

    She explained she had been looking in the toy shop
    That tomorrow would be Christmas Day
    But the man muttered words she could not understand
    So she searched for something else she could say

    “Do you have any children?” The child asked the man
    “No,” was his instant reply
    And though he said it in his firmest voice
    In his heart he knew he had lied

    The girl was getting on his nerves
    Which were already shot
    Something about her bothered him
    But he could not say quite what

    Then he noticed the time was approaching midnight
    What was she doing on the street?
    When he asked the girl this question
    The child seemed to retreat

    She said she was staying with her parents
    At the hotel, right next door
    They were there for just this one night
    In room twelve twenty-four

    Then he said, “You best get back there as quick as you can fly!”
    And he watched as she ran all the way
    Until she was safely back inside

    Then he took several steps
    In the direction towards his home
    But then he hesitated
    And took out his mobile phone

    And called up the institution
    Where he had left his son
    To find out if he was still there and alive
    Wondering if the past could be undone

    The operator who answered, searched the computer
    To see if the child had survived
    And she was sincerely happy to tell him
    “Your son is no longer here, but he is still alive!”

    Then the lady who was very kind
    Said, “If you have a short while
    I can give you all the information
    That is here inside his file

    I see that at the age of twelve
    He had finally learned to walk
    And could understand most things people said
    But has never learned to talk

    He’s living uptown in the Bronx
    At a boarding house hotel”
    And then the lady gave him the phone number
    And hotel’s address as well

    And for the first time in many years
    The man thought about his life
    And all the things he had left behind
    And, of course, he thought about his wife

    And he wondered if she had lived
    The things they might have done
    But really most of all right now
    He thought about his son

    Back To A Reason (Part II)

    Standing all alone
    I bled for you
    I wanted to
    Each drop my own

    Slowly they depart
    But fall in vain
    Like desert rain
    And still they fall on and on and on

    Got to get back to a reason
    Got to get back to a reason I once knew
    And this late in the seasons
    One by one distractions fade from view

    Drifting through the dark
    The sympathy
    Of night's mercy
    Inside my heart
    Is your life the same?
    Do ghosts cry tears?
    Do they feel years?
    As time just goes on and on and on

    Got to get back to a reason
    Got to get back to a reason I once knew
    And this late in the seasons
    One by one distractions fade from view

    I’m looking for you
    I’m looking for I don’t know what
    I can’t see there anymore
    And all my time’s been taken

    Is this what it seems?
    The lure of a dream
    And I’m afraid to walk back through that door
    To find that I’ve awakened

    The night seems to care
    The dreams in the air
    The snow’s coming down
    It beckons me dare

    It whispers, it hopes
    It holds and confides
    And offers a bridge
    Across these divides

    The parts of my life
    I’ve tried to forget
    It’s gathered each piece
    And carefully kept

    Somewhere in the dark
    Beyond all the cold
    There is a child
    That’s part of my soul

    Got to get back to a reason
    Got to get back to a reason I once knew
    And this late in the seasons
    One by one distractions fade from view
    The only reason I have left is
  18. Christmas Bells, Carousels & TimeLyrics

    Christmas Bells, Carousels & Time

    If he went there and saw his son
    What words could he possibly say
    Would his own child recognize him
    And if he did, would he turn away?

    Dare he rekindle this hope
    Perhaps to only watch it die
    And standing there in this man’s place
    I wonder, would you or I?

    Now the angel knew if enough time passes by
    Any hope can be smothered
    So before it was dead, to the first prayer he had said
    The angel quickly added another

  19. What Child Is This?Lyrics

    What Child Is This?

    The old man stood there thinking
    While staring in that old toy shop
    With its carousel still turning round
    In front of a music box clock

    For what good’s a clock without a chime
    A useless thing that just keeps time
    Recording moments that come and leave
    But this clock’s chimes struck midnight
    Upon a lost Christmas Eve

    And when the final chime had spoken
    And the twelfth bell had finally rung
    The indecision in the father was broken
    He now knew what had to be done

    So he got into a yellow cab
    And prayed that it might lead
    Through all this snow and streetlight glow
    To a past he might retrieve

    When the taxi dropped him off
    At the boarding house hotel
    It was a rundown building
    With a musty, rundown smell

    And he asked for his son
    From the hotel’s night desk clerk
    Who said his son was not there
    He was not back from work

    When the father said that was impossible
    The clerk replied, “I’m not here to debate
    But he works at the hospital, just down the block
    If you want you can sit here and wait
    But he never returns till real late”

    Then the father tried asking another question
    But the clerk went back to watching his TV
    Which was also playing, “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”
    And the father mused, “this movie has no sympathy,
    Well, at least not when it comes down to me”

    Once outside he saw the hospital’s entrance
    And went to information by the front door
    Who confirmed that his son had a job there
    And worked up on the seventh floor

    So he took the elevator up to that floor
    Which was marked “Maternity”
    And the man knew in his heart that this was a mistake
    For his son working here could not be

    But the nurse on duty reconfirmed that he did
    And since her rounds were about to begin
    If he would like to follow her
    She would gladly take the father to him

    So he followed her to a large dark room
    That to him seemed unusually empty
    Except for several incubators glowing on the right
    Each with a trembling baby

    These infants were all extremely frail
    And obviously in incredible pain
    And this sight cut deep into that father’s soul
    And he asked the nurse, please, to explain

    “These children were born to mothers
    Who were addicted to crack cocaine
    And these children are born in complete withdrawal
    For that drug is still deep in their veins

    We can give them no other drugs to ease their withdrawals
    Since they are born premature and quite frail
    And any form of pain killer
    Could easily cause their small hearts to fail”

    “And what does my son do here?”
    The father asked, “He is not a patient, I assume”
    The nurse did not say a single word
    But nodded to the far left corner of the room

    And there the father saw his son
    Who looked like himself when he was a younger man
    Rocking back and forth in a rocking chair
    A trembling infant held in his hands

    And in his arms the child did not cry
    But slept to silent lullabies
    And his son rocked that newborn back and forth
    Until finally, a dream was caught
    But still at his rocking, his son faithfully kept
    Till that poor child’s trembling had also, finally, left

    Then the nurse whispered softly
    Into the father’s ear
    Something that a blind man could see
    But the father needed to hear

    Whispered to him in this room
    Filled with mankind’s misbegotten
    Something that the father had known once
    But somehow had forgotten

    She said, “It is this way with each of us
    We all need to be held, at least twice
    Once upon the day that we are born
    And once more when we leave this life

    Your son has been coming to this place
    Since as long as I’ve been working here
    He’s never missed a single day
    In nearly twenty years

    He always arrives promptly on time
    But a time card he does not keep
    For he never leaves this maternity room
    Until every last child is asleep”

    Then the nurse noticed the father
    Trying to choke back the things he now felt
    So mentioning she had to continue her rounds
    She quietly excused herself

    So he was now alone in the darkness
    Between the past and future caught
    Not knowing what to do
    As his mind flooded with so many thoughts

    Some beauty comes too early
    While its moment never waits
    And some beauty is always there
    But never seen, till it’s too late

    Look! There is a moment
    It has just slipped away
    And so we lose our lives
    In such ordinary ways

    Where do we get our dreams from?
    Where do we get our faith?
    Is it something that we are born with
    Or is it something for which we must wait?

    The mist of things we once believed
    The childhood truths for which we grieve
    And in our lives could we have missed
    Those that in the dark, the angels kiss

    What Child Is This

    What child is this
    Who laid to rest
    That I now find here sleeping?
    Do angels keep the dreams we seek
    While our hearts lie bleeding?

    Could this be Christ the King
    Whose every breath the angels bring?
    Could this be the face of God, this child, the son I once carried?

    What child is this
    Who is so blessed he changes all tomorrows?
    Replacing tears with reborn years
    In hearts once dark and hollow

    Could this be Christ the King
    Whose every breath the angels bring?
    Could this be the face of God, this child, the son I once carried?

    In the dead of the night
    As his life slips away
    As he reads by the light
    Of a star faraway

    Holding on
    Holding off
    Holding out
    Holding in

    Could you be this old
    And have your life just begin?

    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day
    It begins

    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day
    Tell me how many times can this story be told
    After all of these years it should all sound so old
    But it somehow rings true in the back of my mind
    As I search for a dream that words can no longer define

    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day
    And the time
    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day

    And the time and the years
    And the tears and the cost
    And the hopes and the dreams
    Of each child that is lost
    And the whisper of wings
    In the cold winter’s air
    As the snow it comes down
    And visions appear everywhere

    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day
    In the air
    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day

    In the dead of the night
    As his life slips away
    As he reads by the light
    Of a star faraway

    Holding on
    Holding off
    Holding out
    Holding in

    Could you be this old
    And have your life just begin

    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day
    It begins
    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day
    It begins
    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day
    It begins
    Reading by the light of a lost Christmas Day
    It begins
  20. O’ Come All Ye FaithfulLyrics

    O’ Come All Ye Faithful

    Looking at his son across the room
    He feared to cross that divide
    But how long could he stay in this dark
    That allows us all to hide

    Is there a wrong so great in life
    That it undoes every good we’ve ever done
    Is there an act so good it would undo all our wrongs
    Every single one?

    And in putting his whole
    Life into this gesture
    Would failing make it
    Any lesser?

    Then through the window he thought he saw
    In the falling snow so near
    The outline of his son’s mother’s face
    But then it disappeared

    It was only there for a second
    And a second’s not long, but yet
    It was enough to cause that man
    To take that very first step

    And that step was followed by another
    In that room still lit so dim
    And before he realized how far he had gone
    His son was directly in front of him

    Then the father noticed on the windowsill
    An old photo that he long ago had seen
    It was a picture of him and his wife
    When they were both about nineteen

    It was leaning against a folder
    That said “Property of the Deceased”
    And underneath was his wife’s name
    And the date it had been released

    It was obviously her personal possessions
    That had been given to his son
    Because since he had left them all behind
    The child was the only one

    His son must have always kept it with him
    For the folder was weathered and torn
    And he must have gazed at that picture countless times
    For it was also all tattered and worn

    Then his son noticed him standing there
    And from his task looked up
    And then looked at the picture beside him
    And that one look, was enough

    He recognized it was his father
    That was now standing there
    And gave him a smile of pure love and forgiveness
    And of the past, he did not care

    He did not care where he had been
    The whys, the wheres, the hows
    He only cared that his father was there
    Standing by him now

    Then the father turned and walked across the room
    Which by now had lost its distance
    And went to the nearest incubator
    And picked up a trembling infant

    And with the child within his arms
    He returned to his son
    And all the pain within his soul
    At that moment was undone

    And he sat in the rocking chair beside him
    With the life he had retrieved
    And side-by-side together
    They rocked all through that Christmas Eve

  21. Christmas Canon RockLyrics

    Christmas Canon Rock

    This night
    We pray
    Our lives will show

    This dream he had
    Each child
    Still knows

    We are waiting
    We have not forgotten

    On this night
    On this night
    On this night
    On this very Christmas Night
  22. Different WingsLyrics

    Different Wings

    Like the Sphinx knows silence
    And the Pyramids know time
    Like Sisyphus knew regret
    As he thought about his crime

    As Julius knew betrayal
    As Judas knew the kiss
    And David with his nervous hand
    Knew when not to miss

    And Helen in her blindness
    Knew better how to touch
    And Lincoln in his wisdom
    Knew the angels in each of us

    Like the Delphi knew tomorrow
    Like crocodiles know the Nile
    Like Michelangelo knew stone
    A mother knows her baby’s smile

    Then she placed her hands upon his lips
    In something akin to a kiss
    And in her arms he stayed asleep
    As the night grew dark and the child dreamt deep

    Different Wings

    Dream, child
    As childhood wants to do

    Dream all this night will allow
    Dream, child
    Dream with an angel’s view
    Out there safe in your clouds

    Wait for me now
    I will be there for you
    No matter what
    Tomorrow may bring
    This I will vow
    I will be there
    For this child with different

    Dream, child
    Stars have been rumored to
    See dreams within newborn eyes
    And in their arms I believe they do
    Keep safe until you arise

    Wait for me now
    I will be there for you
    No matter what
    Tomorrow may bring
    This I will vow
    I will be there
    For this child with different wings
  23. Midnight Clear
  24. (Closing Poetry)Lyrics

    (Closing Poetry)

    And so it’s here our story ends
    Exactly where it did start
    In that labyrinth of mystery
    We call the human heart
    For they say that without it
    No one can truly live
    And it also has been rumored
    That without it, we cannot forgive

    - Merry Christmas!

It was the night of Christmas Eve, and somewhere on the other side of eternity (which is somewhere after today but before tomorrow) a tear of incredible sadness slowly welled up within the eye of a beautiful young lady. The sorrow within the tear was so great, that though it desperately wanted to stay with her to give whatever comfort it could, the weight of the pain it contained eventually caused it to fall... Click here to continue reading the story behind "The Lost Christmas Eve"

Released October 12th, 2004 [Lava/Atlantic]

Produced By Paul O'Neill

Co-Produced By Robert Kinkel